Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A catch up Rack n Bottle Day!

Well it's been quite a while since I did any thing in the Brewery, took a little time out today to catch up on a few jobs.

The main aim of  the day was to check and rack Alex's Mead that we made back in September 2014. I checked the SG during transfer and it's now at 1.050 down so a current ABV of 9.3%, drank the sample as you do to make sure that all was okay and it's very good.

While I was  there I also Racked the Elderberry Wine, that was made a while ago as well, August 2014. It had quite a bit of sediment so it needed doing. Sampled this wine which I make each year and yet again it's beautiful fruity wine. I really should make a lot more each year.

As I already had the cleaning and bottling gear out and ready, I decided to bottle up a couple of wines that had been sitting in their demijohns for quite a while and where now lovely and clear. The first to be bottled was the Rhubarb wine that was made nearly a year ago, the one with banana added. Then bottled up the Apricot Wine that was made with the little apricots that Les at work gave me.

Ended up with 5 and a half bottles of Rhubarb (we'll drink the 1/2 bottle tonight) and 5 bottles of Apricot, one of which is ear marked for Les for letting me have the fruit. The Rhubarb came is as a Medium wine and the Apricot as a Dry wine which are now all labeled up and in the Cabin Brewery.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Bottled : Fat Rabbit IPA

After a total fermentation time of 15 days the Fat Rabbit IPA is now in bottles, 42 500ml bottles all nice and full.

This beer was brewed on the 18th Sept 2014 and was left in the No-Chill cube on top of 25g of Challenger & Redsell's Eastwell Goldings hops, then was fermented for 5 days at 20'C, at this point I added 50g of hops as a dry hop addition, and left this to finish fermenting until today when it was bottled. The final SG did not fall as far as I had hoped. It finished at 1016 from 1058 so around 5.5% ABV which is fine by me.

Each bottle was primed with 1/2 a tsp of normal granulated sugar apart from one special bottle, where it had a added kick in the form of a whole dried home-grown habanero chilli. This is a special bottle for a friend.

Thanks to everyone on the Home-brewing Community on Google for their assistance on the final SG of this brew.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Bottled : Peach Wine

As from this post I'm trying out a new format to the blog and not going to post every stage of the brew process as individual posts anymore but will post just 2 blogs post per brew with the brew-day being one and the bottling day as the other, with a break down of the process. Just to save a little time and make the posts easier to find when I look back at them.

Bottled the Peach Wine today that was made on the 26/05/14. Got 5 full bottles (750ml) and a half bottle for drinking young. So pretty good all in all. It's a nice colour and from a quick taste test not a bad wine at all.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Fermenting/Dry Hop : Fat Rabbit IPA

The Fat Rabbit IPA sat in the No-Chill Cube on the 25g of mixed Challenger/Redsell's Eastwell Goldings hops for 2 days until a got the fermentation fridge sorted out ready for this brew to ferment with Safale S04. I dry pitched the yeast right on top of the sweet wort. Really should have made a starter or something as after I pitched the yeast, I noticed it was nearly a year after it's use by date. Got away with it though as it started fermenting by the next morning.

I set the fridge to 22'C as the Temperature Range for this yeast is  15-24'C. This was left to ferment undisturbed for 7 days before I checked the gravity, it dropped down to 1020 SG from 1058 SG. So Happy days.

Sample tasted very good, and it's a great colour at the moment. A pale gold.

Due to the fact that this beer is using home grown Hops and I have plenty to spare I am having my first go at Dry Hopping a beer.

I spent a day in town trying to hunt down a nylon or muslin bag to use to dry hop this brew in the Primary fermentor (I don't have a second 25litre bucket) ended up finding one of these.
So in went a Jack Daniels glass and I StarSan'ed the bag and glass, added a massive load of Hops (50g) and dropped it into the fermenting bucket in the fridge. Dropped the temperature in the fridge to 20'C and the bag and Hops will now stay there for a few days to extract the aromas.

I expect I'll be bottling this by the end of the month and hopefully it will turn out a good brew, as I'm hoping this will be the basic recipe for my House IPA

Friday, 19 September 2014

Brewday: Mead (Honey Wine) with @AlexharwoodUk

Alex (@AlexharwoodUk ) from Twitter came over today with 3 jars of Rowse Honey, just over 2kg of lovely honey to make a Mead as well a 5 liters of Spring Water, a orange and a lemon.

Mead is a simple Honey Wine, and we wanted to keep it just that, Simple.

So we just warmed up the Honey pots to help the honey escape the Jars and poured it into my Jam Pan, topped the Pan up with Spring Water to 5 litres and brought the Honey and water mix to a gentle simmer, skimming off any foam.

Then transferred the soon to be Mead liquid into one of my 5 litre fermenting buckets and let it cool down. By early evening it was cool enough to add the lemon and orange juice, along with the yeast and yeast nutrient and it is now slowly bubbling away turning all that natural sugar into alcohol.

I actually checked the SG of the Must this time and if it ferments right out it should come in at 17% ABV